HTML5 Document Viewer

VectorViewer offers a modern HTML5 Viewer that is customizable, scalable and supports all standard document formats such as jpg, png, pdf, word, excel,tiff, txt, html and much more.It also supports basic on the fly editing of document to accomplish things such as add a new page, delete pages, move around pages etc.

What is a HTML5 Document Viewer?

A HTML5 Document Viewer is a pure browser client side lightweight solution that allows web users to open and view any standard document or image from all modern browsers that support HTML5 and collaborate on them.The HTML5 Viewer requires absolutely no client side installation, downloads or plugins.This means the IT Departments of large enterprises have no headache of maintaining these viewers in client machines.

VectorViewer not only provides a HTML5 Viewer that provides a simple and easy way to view documents online, but also provides the necessary infrastructure to store those documents in cloud.VectorViewer's HTML5 Viewer supports all standard modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.Larger applications can easily integrate with VectorViewer’s HTML5 document viewer and embed it into their pages.Now when an end user requests to view the document, they get the responsive, dynamic viewing experience they want without the need to download plugins or open other applications. This also ensures that the end user gets a Seamless web and mobile-friendly viewing experiences that rely on HTML5 markup rather than device or machine specific properties.

Why do you need a HTML5 Document Viewer?

Traditionally documents and images stored in a web application were downloaded to the user's desktop when user requests to view it and the user had to use any desktop software such as Adobe Reader, Windows Paint or Mac's Preview application to open the documents. There were quite a few drawback with this approach which is of prime importance especially for an enterprise application.

  • Digital Footprint - The old process of downloading document to open the native viewer leaves a digital footprint in the client machine that accessed the document as it downloads the document or image to the local computer.The is a bigger problem since the document could potentially contain lot of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and once it gets downloaded to anyone's local computer, it can as well get into the wrong hands.

  • Annotation, Notes and Watermarks - Most of the HTML5 Viewers in the market today support adding annotations, notes and watermarks on top of the document opened online. This would be huge benefit for future references and helpful information for a fellow colleague who is also working on the same document. Watermarks ensure that the document is not illegally produced somewhere else using simple web techniques such as taking screenshots etc.

  • Wide Range of File Formats - HTML5 Document Viewers support wide range of file formats for viewing documents which means that you dont need to install multiple softwares in user's local machine to be able to view those documents. These HTML5 Viewers are smart to recognize different file formats ranging from PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, TXT, ODT and much more and present it to the user in the browser in the most efficient way.

  • Modern Browsers Support - HTML5 Viewers typically work in all modern browsers that support HTML5 and seamlessly open the documents and images. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10,Mozilla Firefox, WebKit/Safari, Google Chrome, Opera are some of the modern browsers that support HTML5 and HTML5 Document Viewers supports all these browsers and much more.

How does VectorViewer's HTML5 Document Viewer work?

VectorViewer offers a HTML5 Viewer solution to solve Enterprise Document Digitization problem and this is a unique product that provides end to end product which can be used as a plug and play software. This software covers important aspects of document digitization such as Cloud Storage, Zero Foot Print, API Based integration, Document Editing capabilities and Annotations.

Below are the some of the key features of VectorViewer's HTML5 Document Viewer that differentiates it from other HTML5 Viewer solutions available in the market today.

  • SaaS vs On-Prem Model - VectorViewer offers two models - SaaS vs On-Prem and both offers the same robust HTML5 Viewer solution. While the first one is a simple signup process to get started, the On-Prem solution needs a Client AWS Account and the VectorViewer's Auto Deploy tool gets you up and running in less than 30 minutes.

  • API Based Integration - With VectorViewer's API based integration in place, you dont have to worry of doing any tight code coupling between your application and VectorViewer. This means that VectorViewer can run as an independent Microservice doing its job of Document Viewing and Annotations.

  • Multi Tenant Support - VectorViewer's HTML5 Document Viewer is a multi Tenant/ multi Environment supported application which means that you can have multiple clients using VectorViewer independently on the same installation. VectorViewer also offers a powerful client dashboard to support this multi tenant feature.

  • Cloud Document Storage - The product also comes with a cloud storage solution and the software is smart enough to push the documents and associated annotations securly to cloud and read back from it as and when required. This means that you dont need to worry on where to store the enterprise documents. VectorViewer right now supports AWS Cloud Storage (S3) and are in the process of writing adaptors to push documents to other storage such as Azure, Google Cloud, Dropbox etc.

If you are an enterprise looking for a modern solution for your Document Digitization efforts, VectorViewer is the place to go. VectorViewer team is passionate about Document Management and are experts in the field. All the features of VectorViewer's HTML5 Viewer is listed here. Feel free to contact VectorViewer team to schedule a live product demo today.